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Relationship of airfield to the town of Bungay and Flixton village

Map of airfield showing position of some of the main US infrastructure (numbered), the main roads (red) and the River Waveney (blue)

Aerial photo of runways and parking bays (1944)

Liberator bomber flown from Flixton

Flixton armourer with a bomb load

From November 1943, Flixton Airfield (Station 125) was the base of the 446th Bomb Group, comprising the 704th, 705th, 706th and 707th Bombardment Squadrons, amounting to almost 3000 men, known collectively as the 'Bungay Buckaroos'. The station flew and maintained the 446th's B24 Liberators, which day after day delivered their bomb loads into the German heartland. The 446th was a part of the 20th Combat Wing, of the Second Air Division of the USAAF. After hostilities ceased, the all units returned to the US to be disbanded and the RAF occupied the site until 1956.